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2020 Toyota Supra Specs AWD Review

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2020 Toyota Supra Specs AWD Review – The cash return on nostalgia cannot be overstated. Film and TV helped promote the concept of recycled ideas (and we see how well it was worked), but a similar trend is gripping the modern automotive industry. Automakers have been trying to capitalize on nostalgic sentimentality for years, and the 2020 Toyota Supra is the latest attempt.

2020 Toyota Supra Specs AWD Review

But Supra differs from other name tags in that it’s not just nostalgia for nostalgia’s sake (look at you, Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross). This is a truly transcendent product, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in a competitive class, albeit with a platform, engine, and interiors borrowed from BMW. For the Fanboys, the idea of ​​a Bavarian-built Supra (or, Austrian-built, technically) can be a tough sell. But get behind the wheel and the end result is a product that far exceeds any preconceived notions. Haters be damned.

Visually, the new Supra is no throwback. Sure, designers say the spoiler and dual bubble roof are nods to cars like the iconic Fourth-gen Supra and 2000gt, but both claim feels like a stretch. The new Supra looks like a fully modern sports car, with nostalgia thrown mostly to the roadside when it comes to aesthetics.

The FT-1 concept, which the company debuted in 2014, inspired over su’s angular nose and Triple vent grille openings, giving it a distinct Head-on look. The side profile stands out as its best angle, revealing details of the many nooks and crannies it borrows (again) from the FT-1. In the rear, dual LED taillights, a central brake light, and dual exhaust tips on each side highlight over the wide stance. And it is wide, stretching out to 73 inches. In comparison, the Supra 86 siblings are 69.9 inches wide, and the Porsche 718 Cayman is 71.5 inches.2019 toyota supra specs ,new toyota supra price ,toyota supra 2020 ,2020 toyota supra price

After several years of waiting, the new Supra is here-Toyota showed the 2020 Supra at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this month, and not a moment too soon. Here we have gathered everything we know about the car, from interviews with various people behind MkV Supra and our drive for a pre-production prototype last year.

We are also curious to see how MkV performs against its legendary predecessor, MkIV Turbo. Our first review of a March 1993 Supra Turbo helps us see what 25-plus years of progress looks like.

Or not. When you compare the specifications of the MkIV Supra Turbo and MkV on paper, they are strikingly similar. The new car is a little lighter and shorter, but ever so slightly taller and wider. The MkV has just 15 more horsepower and 50 more lb-ft of torque than the MkIV Turbo, though it’s shaved almost a second off 0-60 mph time. The highest speeds of both are electronically limited.

The fact that there is so little on paper improvement is not necessarily a bad thing. In its time, MkIV was a supercar rival, with a spec sheet that inspired folklore; Today, MKV is just a Middle-of-the-Road sports car. But driving experience is more important than numbers in the sports car world, so here are a few excerpts from each review.

Shortly after the Supra debuted, # 001 went to auction at Barrett-Jackson, where it commanded $ 2,100,000. The proceeds were donated to the charity, but there is still a wealth of money to pay for a car that would otherwise cost under $ 60,000. Kinda do you forget that $ 121,000 MkIV Supra Turbo, doesn’t it?